How do we test OTT apps to make them reliable?

How do we test OTT apps to make them reliable?

Testing as a part of OTT solution

The explosive market of OTT services makes content owners release more and more apps for mob, TV and set-box devices. They have a wide choice of software development companies that propose fast and cheap solutions. But how to launch a high-quality product that will attract subscribers and will lead to high scores and positive feedback in App stores?

Complete OTT solutions comprise content delivery and streaming service optimization, video hosting, advertising or subscription-based monetization management, and developer tools for ensuring smooth delivery to various platforms, or proprietary hardware.

All these processes work in a sophisticated software system and every step must be constructed properly. But there is no human that doesn't make any mistake. Consequently, we need software testing. A professional vendor must not just write perfect code but also carry out appropriate testing. That’s why Design and Test Lab mantra is “We do not develop without tests!”.

Development process of Reliable Software Engineer

  1. A test plan for OTT platform is drawn up based on requirements and standards.
  2. Testable architecture is designed based on requirements and standards.
  3. The test plan is automated.
  4. The alpha version is tested by automatic tests.
  5. The Software Engineer improves the reliability of the OTT program based on the test report.
  6. As a result, we got a reliable Alpha version of the OTT product, which is passing for testing.

Reliable testing process of our OTT projects.

The process of fixing errors by a Reliable Engineer is more complicated than a regular one.

The Reliable Engineer analyzes the causes based on the error report.

The Reliable Engineer replenishes reliable software standards, updates the test plan, automatizes testing, corrects errors, checks with automatic tests, and delivers the reliable version for testing based on a problem analysis report.

The policy of Design and Test Lab is completely transparent and honest, that’s why we share with you our documentation.

Check below the example of the test plan fragment:

More than 1500 checks in our master check-list for a single OTT app

Clear test case descriptions

Detailed expected results

Autotest Report

Design and Test Lab has a broad range of devices to test applications

In the test plan we specify in which order we will test on different platforms

Here is the typical configuration plan to test on different browsers for web-based TV apps

Per each test run we indicate which configuration was tested

Our configuration for automatic testing IOS

Our configuration for automatic testing IOS

Our test devices: ROKU, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV stick, Android TV, Samsung TV and others. Our last video library project counts 1073 manual test cases and 400 autotests on iOS and 546 manual and 150 autotests on Apple TV.

OTT reliability

Our testing approach shows great outcomes in the quality of the OTT app: 0% crash rate!

As a result of our experience, pay attention to the software vendor you choose to avoid bugs, and crashes in your OTT application, if you want positive feedback from your users and save money on maintenance.

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